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The new volume of 3.5 liters in the lineup of manual sprayers "Lemira".
MainNews › The new volume of 3.5 liters in the lineup of manual sprayers "Lemira".

Lineup of manual sprayers "Lemira" replenished NEW 3.5l sprayer

In gardening and horticulture it is desirable to have several sprayers of different sizes. Consider why we need almost small sprayers "Lemira" 1.2l, 2l, 2.5l, 3l, 3.5l, which are directly held in hand.

Sometimes in the garden and in the garden we have to solve local problems, fight pests on one single plant, we can solve this problem using a small hand sprayer. A very important problem is weed control if there is a lawn. There is no point in treating the entire lawn; you need to process a plot or a separate weed. For this, small garden sprayers are needed. When working with herbicides, it is recommended to have a separate sprayer, since herbicides inhibit the growth of any vegetation.

For growing plants on the balcony, in the greenhouse, small-volume sprayers are our useful tool for harvesting and for growing ornamental plantings. If necessary, we use the sprayer with pleasure to increase the humidity above the plants in the greenhouse, spray with chemicals from pests if necessary.

The range of Lemira sprayers is very diverse from small hand-held sprayers 1.2l to 20l on wheels. We give you the opportunity to grow and maintain your harvest and create a man-made landscape corner for enjoying nature.

Сезонные товары - спешите купить

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию сезонные товары оптом и в розницу, которые пригодятся Вам в холодное время дома, на даче и в быту.

Среднеоптовая цена - 190.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 170.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 810.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 770.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 600.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 570.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 150.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 135.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 225.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 205.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 685.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 655.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 670.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 640.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 750.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 700.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 650.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 600.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 230.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 220.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 205.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 195.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая цена - 160.00 грн.
Оптовая цена - 150.00 грн.

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