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Extension reel assembly


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Coil Case: Polypropylene

Coil color: black

Coil Capacity:

                          50m wires 2x1.5 mm²

                          40m wires 2x2.5 mm²

                          40m wires 3x1.5 mm²

Equipped with: 4 sockets for rated current up to 16A

Outlet Contact Material: Brass

Stand Material: Steel

Total packing, pcs .: 5

Type of general packaging: plastic bag

Detailed Description:

Extension reel assembly

The product consists of a plastic coil mounted on a metal stand. The spool stand maintains a stable extension position during use and transportation. The wire is connected to the coil by clamping the wire to the contacts. The stand has a convenient plastic handle, on the reel there is a special handle that you can rotate the drum to rewind the wire.

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