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Diaphragm electric pump for pneumatic sprayers "Lemira"


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Rated voltage, V: (12±2.4)

Power source, V: 8pcs batteries AA type 1.5V; batteries 8pcs type 1.5V with a capacity of at least 2500 mAh; AC mains with a voltage of 220V using a 12V 2A power adapter

Maximum working pressure, bar: from 1.4 to 1.8

Operating temperature: from 5°C to 40°C

Pump body material: polypropylene

Weight, kg: 0.845

General packing, pieces: 18

Type of general packaging: cardboard

Amount of packing, mm: 673x537x332

Total package weight, kg: 16.07

Detailed Description:

Diaphragm electric pump for pneumatic sprayers "Lemira"

Pump "Lemira" - designed to automatically create the necessary working pressure in the capacity of pneumatic sprayers and regulate it during operation of the sprayer. The pump operates on standard batteries, batteries with a nominal voltage of 12V, a network adapter 12V 2A, which converts an alternating voltage of 220V and outputs a constant voltage of 12V at the output.

Advantages of an electric diaphragm pump:

  • easy spraying with the pump "Lemira";  
  • continuous spraying;  
  • continuous optimal spray pattern due to uniform operating pressure;  
  • without manual swapping
  • using an adapter, it is possible to operate the pump from an AC network with a voltage of 220V.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not included with the pump.



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