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Electric cooktop EPP 1-1.2 kW/220V pyroceramic hob


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Rated voltage, V: 220±22

Current frequency, Hz: 50±1

Current type: AC

We use German fittings for crimped plugs

Rated power, kW: 1.2

The temperature control of burners: smooth

Weight, kg: 1.987±0,2

Overall dimensions, mm: 300х300х100

The diameter of the burner, mm: 180

Color: black

Class of protection against defeat by an electric current I according to National Standards of Ukraine IEC 60335-1

General packing, PCs: 10

Type common packaging: carton

Package size, mm: 673х537х332

Detailed Description:

Electric cooktop EPP 1-1.2 kW/220V pyroceramic hob

One-burner electric cooker with pyroceramic hob, with thermostat and stepless regulation of the temperature of the burner, the indicator of the included state. It is intended for cooking and heating food.

Electric cookers with a pyroceramic hob have several advantages:

  • High-strength glass ceramic surface;
  • high efficiency: time to reach the operating temperature is not more than 20 seconds;
  • reduced power consumption 1200W, the boiling time of a liter of watre is 8-10 minutes;
  • reliable heating element with a long service life;
  • adjustable thermostat;
  • light indication of connection to the mains;
  • increased safety - the electric breakdown on the surface of the heating element is excluded, since the glass-ceramic does not conduct current. 

Electric cooktop meets requirements of the National Standards of Ukraine IEC 60335-1

Manufacturer guarantees that the cooktops meet requirements of the Technical conditions of Ukraine 27.5-03967576-026:2018 under consumer’s adherence of maintenance, storage, transportation and installation instructions according to the manual.

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