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Electric cooktop EPChP 2-2.7 kW/220V Cast iron and pyroceramic tubular heating element


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Rated voltage, V: 220±22

Current frequency, Hz: 50±1

Current type: AC

We use German fittings for crimped plugs

Rated power, kW: 2,7

Temperature control of burners:  smooth

Overall dimensions, mm: 530х300х100

The diameter of the burner, mm: 180

Weight, kg: 4,20±0,4

Color: black

Class of protection against defeat by an electric current I according to State Standard IEC 60335-1

General packing, PCs: 5

Type common packaging: carton

Package size, mm: 565х537х332

Detailed Description:

Electric cooktop EPChP 2-2.7 kW/220V Cast iron and pyroceramic tubular heating element

Two burner electric cooktop with cast iron and pyroceramic tubular heating element , thermostatic regulator and temperature variable control, power-on indicator. Designed for cooking and pre-heating meals.

Electric cookers with a pyroceramic hob have several advantages:

  • High-strength glass ceramic surface;
  • high efficiency: time to reach the operating temperature is not more than 20 seconds;
  • reduced power consumption 1200W, the boiling time of a liter of water is 8-10 minutes;
  • reliable heating element with a long service life;
  • adjustable thermostat;
  • light indication of connection to the mains;
  • increased safety - the electric breakdown on the surface of the heating element is excluded, sience the glass-ceramic does not conduct current.

Electric cooktop meets requirements of the National Standards of Ukraine IEC 60335-1.

Manufacturer guarantees that the cooktops meet requirements of the Technical conditions of Ukraine 27.5-03967576-026:2018 under consumer’s adherence of maintenance, storage, transportation and installation instructions according to the manual.

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