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Plastic food grade barrel 60 l, necktube 156 mm with o-ring


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Capacity, l: 60

Neck, mm: 156

Dimensions: D=400, H=633

Number of handles: 2

Cover: with seal

Material: food grade plastic

Barrel color: white

Cap color: green

Cover: with o-ring

General packing, PCs: 2

Type common packaging: plastic bag

Detailed Description:

Plastic food grade barrel 60 l, necktube 156 mm with o-ring

Plastic food grade barrel is a perfect way to store and transport diverse fluid and free flowing substances.

It is light and safe. For the sake of being carried the barrel is equipped with convenient handles at the necktube, apart from this there are wardlike handles on the sides of the barrel.

Her neck is wide enough and securely closed by a lid with a sealing ring.

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