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Dear Sirs or Mesdames!

Dnipropetrovsk training and production association “Luch” is one of the largest manufacturers of polymeric products in Ukraine being in the market since 1967.

Днепропетровское учебно-производственное объединение "Луч" УТОС

The major line of the association is production of lawn and gardening polymeric tools as well as sprayers “Lemira”.

“Lemira” has credibility and prestige. It is secured by the trademark certificate. Our association also produces household appliances (extension cords with different section).

We manufacture one and two burner cooktops “Lemira” with cast iron burners as well as double- and single-ended tubular heating element.

Our new product line is a multifunctional electric convector “Lemira” with needle-point and aluminum monolithic X-type heating element.

производство электроконвектоpа универсального Лемiра
производство электроконвектоpа универсального Лемiра
электроконвектоp универсального Лемiра 
электроконвектоp универсального Лемiра 
электроконвектоp универсального Лемiра 
электроконвектоp универсального Лемiра 

Our products meet European quality standards and have a great run.

We devote much attention to the quality of our products, introduction of new techniques and technologies.

The product range is constantly renewed following the consumer demand changes in Ukrainian and foreign markets.

We aim at mutually advantageous co-operation, offer our wholesale clients the most profitable conditions and maximum comfortable delivery options.

There is a flexible discount system.

We are always ready to consider your collaboration offers. We deliver our goods within Ukraine. Clients’ loyalty and customers’ respect are very important to our association.

Best regards,

Lezhepyokov L.P.



Сезонные товары - спешите купить

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию сезонные товары оптом и в розницу, которые пригодятся Вам в холодное время дома, на даче и в быту.

Среднеоптовая ціна - 320.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 300.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 1240.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 1160.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 920.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 870.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 270.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 240.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 430.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 390.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 1135.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 1085.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 1250.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 1200.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 2000.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 1900.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 1800.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 1700.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 350.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 330.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 330.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 310.00 грн.
Среднеоптовая ціна - 210.00 грн.
Оптова ціна - 190.00 грн.

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